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At my firm, The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, I serve those in the community of Warwick in all family law matters. I established my firm in 1981 and my focus has always been on providing the highest quality counsel, and to help my clients to resolve their family law matter as quickly and easily as possible. My firm has been rated AV (preeminent) by Martindale-Hubbell, a highly respected peer review rating service.

I know that my high rating is merely a reflection of the personal dedication I have to my clients, their rights, and their interests. My objective is to help my clients through a divorce and reach an amicable resolution, as opposed to creating conflict. Most divorcing couples can be brought to an agreement without the need for litigation, saving time, money and avoiding unnecessary stress.

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Protecting Your Finances

As a divorce often has an impact on financial health, I am detail-oriented in the process of seeking an equitable division of the marital assets. Under Rhode Island law, the assets accrued during the term of the marriage are considered to be marital property. In many cases, personal funds and other assets may have been co-mingled, creating a more complex situation. You can be confident that your future financial health will be a guiding factor in the actions I take on your behalf.

Resolving Complex Divorce Issues

Another matter of concern or that could be contentious are issues related to:

The courts use a formula to determine the amount that one party should pay the other. In many cases, working out the agreement without the need for litigation, with the input of both parties and their attorneys, can lead to a better agreement that is more likely to be adhered to. If there are unreasonable demands, and the other party will not compromise, as a litigator I feel confident that I can present your case in a persuasive manner, professionally, and increase your chances of a favorable court order.

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