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At The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, you can expect professional, compassionate and skilled counsel to serve you in your family law or divorce matter. I have served the Pawtucket community for many years, and I truly understand the level of stress and worry that goes along with a personal legal matter, such as:

Contact my firm for a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and find out how I can help. You can call me at 401.249.0682 or submit an online form to reach us.

Why Work with Attorney Sullivan

My goal is to help you smoothly resolve your legal matter, and help you to avoid unnecessary costs, but bring the matter to a close.

  • Having served in the capacity as a Family Court bail commissioner, and being certified as a Family Court Guardian Ad Litem, and Standing Master in Chancery, I have gained a great deal of insight into the family court system.
  • I am also a civil arbitrator, and negotiating with two opposing parties and getting results is an important factor in divorce cases.

Avoiding litigation can save you time, money and stress. I do everything possible to bring your divorce to a conclusion through non-adversarial means, when possible. If litigation cannot be avoided, I am very confident and familiar with the process, and you can be confident that your interests will be well protected.

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There truly is no "standard" divorce. Each couple is unique, the value of the assets they have accrued over the term of the marriage is different, and the needs of the children are different. You can expect personal legal counsel from my firm. I respond to calls and questions, and I know the importance of your case. It is important to me too. I want your new life to begin with the least amount of financial stress, if possible, and my focus is on helping you to get the results you need.

Contact my family law firm for more information about divorce or another family law matter in Pawtucket. I would like to discuss your case with you.

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