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Filing for Divorce and Other Family Law Issues in Newport

When you need a Newport family law attorney, you want to be confident that your interests will be protected by a legal professional that has insight, knowledge and a record of successfully resolving the most difficult legal matters. At my firm, The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, I am proud to be serving individuals throughout the community of Newport, and I take my responsibility to them very seriously.

If you are looking for a Newport divorce lawyer that has decades of experience to call upon, I urge you to contact me so that I can review your situation and advise you of what to expect in your divorce. Get your free initial consultation by calling my office at 401.249.0682 or filling out an online form.

Providing Seasoned Counsel for Families in Newport, Rhode Island

There are several issues that could be in contention, most frequently matters related to:

Sorting these matters out without going to court can benefit everyone, including the children. A divorce is already emotional and stressful, and my ability to get an agreement in place and avoid litigation could be of great value to you.

Even with a high ability to negotiate terms of an agreement, there are those cases in which the other party completely refuses to compromise, and continues to make unreasonable demands that will damage my client. In these cases, there is little choice but to take the case to the court for a decision. In such a case, you can be certain that your case will be presented professionally, with full documentation, measured against Rhode Island law. I have been very successful both in and out of court, and offer my services to you in divorce.

My firm also represents those who need to create a prenuptial agreement, are seeking a modification, and to represent fathers who are pursuing custody or fair access to children, as well as all other divorce and family law matters.

Contact my firm so we can discuss your case. My goal is to get your family law matter resolved quickly and favorably.

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