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Filing for Divorce in Cranston?

The decision to file for divorce can be very emotional, particularly in marriages of long duration. Lives that have been intertwined for years must be unraveled, property owned by both parties divided, and the emotional impact can be significant. It is advised that when seeking a divorce, you get counsel early in the process.

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At my firm, The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, I can help you understand how Rhode Island law could impact your future, in issues involving:

As our state divides property based upon the concept of equitable distribution, there are a great number of ways that your marital property could be split. It is important that the settlement is fair and creates the least trouble for you and any children of the marriage, and I can help.

Avoiding Litigation

In many cases, working out a divorce agreement between the two parties can allow for less stress, faster resolution, and far less cost. Even parties that cannot agree on anything, can be brought to the table and an agreement worked out in many cases. There are always those cases in which it is not possible to come to a compromise, and litigation is the only option. In either case, my experience in family court could be of great benefit to you.

In a divorce in Cranston, you can expect that your case will be decided on the individual circumstances of each party, including income, the number of children, the ability to earn a living, the standard of living enjoyed during the term of the marriage, as well as the best interests of the children, if any. It is important to have a full understanding of how state law could impact your case, particularly in support and property division.

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My objective is to protect your rights and interests, and to reach a resolution that is equitable, so that you, my client, can move ahead with your new life, with these matters settled in a manner that is acceptable to you. Call me today so we can discuss your case. I also serve as counsel in all other family law matters, including modifications, as well as in drafting prenuptials and separation agreements.

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