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Trusted and Proven Rhode Island Family & Divorce Legal Services

For almost 40 years, the Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan has served the needs of divorce and family law clientele as one of Rhode Island's premier boutique law firms.

Early in my career, I learned the importance of practicing as a boutique law firm. This benefits my clientele in many ways.

  1. Practicing as a boutique law firm allows me to limit my practice to divorce and family law.

    In so doing, I have developed competence and skill in the family law arena which has benefited my clientele with outstanding outcomes in the financial consequences of their matter, as well as, outstanding outcomes related to custody and support of children.

    I have a strong reputation with the family court bench and bar and am known for my personality and professionalism.

  2. More importantly, practicing as a boutique law firm allows me to serve my clients with humanity, care, support, and unparalleled accessibility. We are a team working to achieve your goals. You are important to me and I am there for you.
  3. Finally, practicing as a boutique law firm allows me to control the office overhead, which allows me to charge reasonable fees for excellent service.

I invite you to call or email to schedule a consultation. I look forward to working with you in a relationship of trust and confidence to achieve your goals in your Rhode Island divorce case or family court matter.