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Visitation Lawyer in Rhode Island

How to Get Visitation Rights to Your Child

If you have not been awarded custody of your children, you can pursue visitation rights through the court. The court will generally rule for what is in the best interests of the children involved, and this can be in your favor. If you seek visitation rights, it is essential that you contact an experienced divorce lawyer at once for caring legal support. At The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, I can fully organize and prepare your visitation rights case and diligently represent your best interests throughout the process.

When parents separate, usually the Rhode Island family courts will approve a visitation schedule for the non-custodial parent, if there is not joint custody. This approval can include such issues as:

  • length of visits
  • times of visits
  • trips
  • holidays

Sometimes the custodial parent will withhold visitation, which hurts both the other parent and the children, and is not lawful. I can effectively negotiate with a custodial parent or their lawyer on your behalf. If they continue to refuse visitation, I can request a hearing and assert your rights in court. If you desire to modify your current visitation or child custody agreement, I will provide dedicated legal counsel and action for your case.

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For 31 years, my firm has advocated on behalf of parents seeking visitation or increased visitation with their children. I have the extensive experience to know how judges respond in various different situations, and can help shape your presentation to maximize its effectiveness. My firm is a warm, friendly and supportive environment, and I listen closely to client concerns regarding their cases. Call today to get the compassionate family law counsel you need during this difficult time.

Common Questions Related To Visitation Rights

Will I get custody or just visitation of my children?

The courts make decisions about child custody based upon what is believed to be in the best interests of the child. If you are do not have the children living with you, and your former spouse has this duty, you will be given liberal visitation rights. Every family is unique with regard to how these arrangements are made, based upon school and work schedules. Issues regarding holiday visitation must also be worked out - who will spend time with the children during the summer months, and holidays when school is closed. Some parents share custody. These decisions can be made through negotiations, or the court could make the decision if the two of you cannot come to a compromise. You should have a Rhode Island divorce lawyer that is protecting your parental rights if you have concerns.

What if a visitation order is not being kept?

A parent who fails to allow the other parent the court-ordered visitation time can face legal repercussions. The courts do not look kindly upon parents who fail to uphold the terms of a divorce order with regard to visitation, and these actions could lead to a change in a custody order. If you are suffering the consequences of the other parent continually altering the visitation order, or interfering with your relationship with your children, it is important that you contact my firm so I can help you get the matter resolved.

Can I change a visitation order?

An existing child visitation order can be changed through petitioning the court. There are various situations that could make this necessary, including when one parent is planning to move away a great distance, or when the child has new activities that make it impossible to maintain a current schedule. The children's wishes also come into play in changing an existing order. As a child gets older, he or she may wish to change where they live, or visitation. If a parent poses a danger to the children, such as being involved in illegal activities, drug or alcohol addiction or other problem, it may be necessary to seek a change in order to protect the children. The court will require compelling evidence to restrict access by one parent, and we can discuss this issue in person if you have that problem.