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Rhode Island Separation Agreements Attorney

Marital Separation in Rhode Island

Rhode Island has an option for legal separation, which includes forming a separation agreement. This allows a couple to continue enjoying the benefits of a legal marriage while going through a process that is similar to divorce. This includes separation as well as deciding custody and support matters.

How is Legal Separation Different From Divorce?

There are many couples who separate for a period of time, or choose to separate rather than to divorce. A separation agreement can be drafted that outlines the responsibilities of each party of the marriage during the period of separation. These responsibilities include:

  • the payment of various shared bills and other obligations
  • matters involving how the parents will share time with any children of the marriage
  • any support that should be paid, including child support and alimony

‚ÄčDuring the period of separation, as you are still legally married, there can be ongoing benefits such as the ability to keep a health insurance policy in place, as well filing taxes jointly. Any debts incurred, or windfalls by either spouse during this period will still be considered marital property should a divorce take place in the future.

The Benefits of a Separation Agreement

There are many benefits to having a separation agreement in place when the two partners have chosen to separate. The agreement established and signed by both parties can act as blueprint should a divorce take place in the future.

  • Some couples are prohibited from divorcing due to religious beliefs, but are unable to live together harmoniously, and a separation agreement can allow them to live peacefully and separately, within the restrictions of the religion.
  • Others may choose to have a separation agreement while spending time apart in the hopes of repairing the marriage.

At my firm, The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, I have dedicated my practice to serving the community in all matters of family law, and I have extensive experience in drafting separation agreements. Call my firm to discuss your situation, and I can advise you regarding such an agreement. Contact my firm for more information about separation agreements.