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Restraining Orders in Rhode Island

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Are you fearful for your own safety or the safety of your family due to another party’s threatening, stalking, or abusive actions? Has your spouse or romantic partner abused or threatened to harm you? If so, you may be able to seek a restraining order from the courts against your abuser. Known formally as an order of protection, these orders can be issued in instances of domestic violence, harassment, or stalking to legally protect a person from contact or visitation from their abuser.

At the Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan, our Rhode Island family attorneys can provide the compassionate and steadfast legal assistance you need to pursue a restraining order or protect yourself against one. Backed by nearly 40 years of dedicated legal experience and an AV® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, we have what it takes to ensure your safety and best interests are guarded during this difficult time.

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What Can a Protective Order Do?

An order of protection can be used to protect a person who feels legitimately threatened by the actions of another person. These orders can be used to limit a person’s personal conduct, prevent them from contacting the protected party in all forms, require them to maintain a certain distance away from the protected party for a specified period of time, or even prevent them from purchasing a firearm. While not always 100 percent effective, a restraining order can notify law enforcement and the courts of your situation. In the event that a person should violate the terms of a restraining order against them, they can face misdemeanor or felony charges, jail time, and expensive fines.

Our attorneys can guide you through all steps of seeking a restraining order, including:

  1. Filling out and filing the necessary forms
  2. Scheduling a judge review
  3. Serving the order to your abuser
  4. Preparing for your temporary order hearing

It is important to remember that domestic violence is not solely restricted to kicking and punching one’s romantic partner. Abuse that can warrant a restraining order can be physical, emotional, verbal, nonverbal, financial, or even spiritual. Our attorneys can review your situation and advise you on the most appropriate course of action to pursue.

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