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How Courts Willl Divide Marital Assets

When a couple begins divorce proceedings, one of the issues that they must resolve is the division of their "marital" assets. In accordance with our state's laws, marital assets are defined as all property acquired by both parties over the course of the marriage.

In addition, any increase in an asset's value that was brought about by efforts during the marriage also counts as "marital," whether the asset was acquired during the marriage or not.

Examples of marital assets include:

  • retirement benefits
  • real estate
  • interest in a business
  • property that is obtained in the course of a pending divorce

Once a court has established what assets are considered marital, it then attempts to fairly and equitably divide these assets between the two spouses.

Factors That The Court Uses to Divide Property

To aid the court in its decision, there are a number of factors that act as a guide in determining what is "fair." These factors include:

  • each spouse's income
  • the length of the marriage
  • the spouses' conduct during the marriage
  • the spouses' age and health
  • each spouse's contribution to the value of the assets
  • each spouse's earning potential.

If you are filing for divorce and are seeking a fair outcome to an asset division matter, contact a divorce lawyer who will work hard to protect your interests.

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