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Uncontested Divorce Attorney
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Uncontested Divorce Procedure

Not all divorces are complex, lengthy processes. An uncontested divorce can be an excellent option for minimizing effort and expense, if you are able to mutually agree on issues like:

This potentially saves considerable amounts of money, time, effort, and even stress on the children. For the past 31 years, The Law Office of Patricia A. Sullivan has provided effective legal guidance to clients going through uncontested divorces. I know the applicable state laws and I can help you prepare, negotiate and successfully carry out the uncontested divorce process.

Why You Need Lawyer For An Uncontested Divorce

You and your spouse will need to attend a hearing to finalize the divorce, even if uncontested. I can help you gather all necessary paperwork for this hearing, and represent you in court. It is essential to have the knowledgeable guidance of a Rhode Island divorce attorney with you so that costly mistakes are avoided. For example, missing key items in the divorce papers could leave you with less than you expected, which could possibly turn an uncontested divorce into a contested one. Properly-worded documentation can make a big difference in the smoothness of the divorce process.

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I take pride in helping clients pursue the most efficient, stress-free solutions, while advocating for a mutually equitable outcome. I deliver only the services you need to get on with your life. At the same time, you know that if communication with your spouse breaks down, you have a highly experienced, AV rated attorney to back you up and help bring firm resolution to the divorce process. Get in touch with me today by calling my office or filling out an online form!